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Zgames is a game development company invested in creating mobile games, and have been doing so since 2008. In the seven years of their presence in the global market, they have already created a dynamic plethora of mobile games for some of the world’s biggest game publishers and producers in the US and Europe, like Atari, Big Fish, Taito, among many others.

Their team, which is comprised of top quality game designers, 3d models, 2d artists, game developers, sound engineers, and QA engineers has adequately showcased their capabilities over the years. These professionals have profound experience and knowledge in Unity programming. One example of a game powered by Unity is VolleySim, which is all about volleyball.

Zgames – game development company, provides a full-cycle game design development services. Initial game ideas and game play, prototypes and wireframing, to coding, testing, and optimization to deliver the final product – Zgames proves capable of handling the task from start to finish.

Samples of their most successful games are The War of the Worlds: Minigame Adventure and Augmented Reality, Happy Chef, Lucky Swipe, Fright Fight, Banana Blitz, Jewel Legends, among many more other successful games.

They brandish native knowledge of Android gaming applications, unity cross platform, and seamless full-cycle development of iOS games for iPhone and iPad.

Recently, zgames – game design document has dived into Augmented Reality, or AR, as it is one of the most exhilarating innovations in the digital market, and is gaining ground. What they do by incorporating AR technology in mobile games to create a better player perspective, thereby providing loads of options for extending a gameplay, and for the user to have the convenience of more direct interaction with the virtual world, in contrast to merely using a console or keyboard. One such example of this is Deadlandz, a single player survivor game wherein the user will be transported to a virtual world, in a zombie apocalypse setting. This one uses an peripheral Epson Moverio Glasses.

Getting it one notch higher, is Zgames’ initiative of combining AR + natural setting is becoming a priority. They are developing many more games with the complement of devices such as Microsoft Hololens, Google Glass, Oculus Rift, and the aforementioned Epson Moverio Glasses. By this, Zgames nurtures its partnership with these leading technology brands to a higher level.

Indeed, after all that they have gone through as a game design company, Zgames has no plans of stopping to innovate, challenging the gaming norms – or rather, of creating the norm.

Their main office is located at 1155 Dairy Ashford, Suite 125, Houston, TX 77079. They can be reached online at You may also call them at 888-576-3837 toll free, and 281-552-5005.

Alconost’s Translation Service

Mobile apps and websites are powering more and more areas of our lives than we had considered possible a few years ago. For instance, most of the activities that are handled via mobile devices tend to take place on an app that has to be downloaded fro the app store and installed into the device in order to get access to some other form of service such as doing shopping online, social networking, gaming and much more.
These mobile apps can take your progress a lot faster by increasing your reach to the potential audience as well as giving you better streams of data from the usage that then enables you to tweak the working of the apps towards better engagement rates.
online translation service
Businesses can benefit from having a mobile app of their own which can go a long way towards improving their mode of operations. By using the internet resources such a cloud-based backends and fast data streams, notifications, uploads and other transactions are able to happen at a relatively faster rate as well as being done in a discreet and secure manner. For different businesses Alconost’s professional translation website can help to solve some problems. As a business, upgrading and being ready for the future needs that you have ready apps that provides much easier access to your business service from the audience.
Development of mobile apps is a process that involves a lot of work, designing, prototyping and even testing the mobile apps in order to ensure that they work as per expectations. This is what the Alconost provide online professional translation services is all about and does on a day to day basis.
The apps are aimed at the business enterprises who are looking to gain better traction in the market by streamlining their service operations to their customer base. Also, better designs mean that business operations will be even more efficient and stress-free as data will be clear to analyze and make inferences from in a way that contributes towards the growth of businesses.
In conclusion, mobile apps are the fuel that is powering the increasingly technology-oriented future that we are all headed towards. These apps have to be clearly targeted at specific aims for them to have a remarkable impact in terms of outcomes and the results for business in terms of growth and a greater reach.
As you consider making use of applications for mobile devices to enhance service delivery, consider using Alconost for the design and development which will ensure that you have excellent results.


Standfore – best banking software

standfore-best banking system

Banking customers tend to trust their banks a lot and the major reason for this is the dedication that has been out towards ensuring the proper provision of services to these customers. For instance, large businesses tend to handle huge amounts of transactions on a regular basis, all of which must take place in a secure manner as well as be put into a record for purposes of auditing later as well as giving a clear flow of financials through the year.
For this reason, best banking software tends to be of quite a high caliber to prevent even the vilest of attackers from penetrating their systems which have been built and thoroughly tested to the limits for assurance that all your monies, as well as personal records, are kept safe.
Standfore has got the best software for banking system that has exceeded expectations and is now the industry standard when it comes to matter pertaining to banking software. Intelligent algorithms monitor closely the kind of transactions taking place in a bid to thwart fraud and other advanced forms of theft that banks face on a daily basis. The software is also well linked to other critical components of the banking infrastructure such as verification systems to prevent unauthorized transactions from happening which could see a bank lose massive amounts of money in fraudulent transactions.
Testing the banking application from the banks perspective as well as an attacker’s point of view allows us to fool-proof the system and block all the holes that could be a point of penetration for hackers or even malware. The application also gets to be tested o the actual platform that it will be running on thus ensuring that it works well with the hardware it will be installed on instead of cropping up a whole bunch of issue to do with compatibility.
As a result, we are able to confidently produce the best banking software that has been tried and tested by various banking institutions who have noticed a massive decrease in the number of incidences of fraud and other forms of malice that are often aimed at the banking sector.
This comes with thorough design, end-to-end testing as well as a team that is dedicated to producing the best code and algorithms that power the banking industry. At the end of it all, we have software that your bank can rely on and will ensure that all the data moving through the banking system does not leak outside hence assuring data integrity.

Internet of things

The Internet Of Things

Qulix systems

We live in an almost Orwellian society of interconnectedness and surveillance. Everything from our fridges to our wristwatches is now connected to the Internet and in turn connected to each other. We as a society have achieved a level of electronic connectivity that proves we are truly living in the future. While we may not have flying cars we can send a text to our coffee machines in case we want a convenient macchiato made. We can even lock our doors from across the country and that is where the controversy of technologically advanced age lies. What keeps someone from turning on our coffee maker without our permission? What keeps someone from watching you having dinner with your family from the camera on top of your TV? What keeps someone from unlocking your door at night? All things connected to the Internet are inherently penetrable and most of us are not protected against the cyber threats that lay in wait. So what can you do in order to protect yourself from these cyber threats? With all the data streaming through your business or household, how can you consolidate and manage the comings and goings of information? One of the answers is investing in Qulix systems IoT services.
qulixabout a smart house, you can read more here:

Qulix has long anticipated the threat and convenience of the IoT age. To help combat the inconvenience of this phenomenon Qulix has developed a system that allows you to streamline and manage your IoT network. The Qulix System’s Internet of Things applications and uses are boundless. As a professional in the field, Qulix has created methods that allow the user to achieve goals as simple as lowering energy consumption to increasing network security. For instance, Qulix uses remote monitoring systems to utilize smart energy grids in order to cut down on the energy consumption of your business or your family. For business owners, Qulix can collect data on your business and provide suggestions on methods of customer targeting and efficiency in order to help you increase your sales. Qulix can help to streamline the efficiency of large corporations or stay at home parents. The objective of the company is to increase convenience for its customers. But maybe you aren’t in the market for convenience. Maybe you are looking to regain your peace of mind while sitting in front of your laptop. You want to know that there is not someone on the other end of your camera watching your every move. Qulix –  is able to provide that peace of mind with its advanced security measures. To the company privacy and security are of the utmost importance and that is what they look to provide. Qulix protects all of your cloud-connected devices from cybercriminals and hackers. Our team of professionals constantly looks for ways in order to increase security and privacy for the customer. We help to protect your cameras, data, and all other forms of personal information.
Qulix Systems is among the best IoT development companies read here:


Living in this age of the Internet can be scary and exciting all at once. Interconnectedness offers us convenience and makes the world a smaller and friendlier place but also leaves us open to new and unanswered threats. Qulix looks to answer those threats by providing security and advice for families, businesses, and individuals. So before you get too far lost in the internet of things make sure to take a look at Qulix so you can maintain your peace of mind.

Qulix systems – custom software

custom software development

Outsourcing Company

Internet of things programming


The HQSoftwarelab is one of the International software development companies in existence with a significant years’ experience in the custom software development. The company seeks to provide Internet of things programming solutions to both individuals and business partners.

The IOT SOLUTIONS by HQSoftwarelab – Web Company

The Off-the Shelf IoT platform providersHaving a clear understanding of the way users and things can work together to deliver a quality outcome is essential. This is what forms part of the IoT. We therefore assist to power both enterprises adopters to streamline their paths in unlocking the business value provided by connected devices. We specifically aim to help:

Thus we increase the functional ability and polish their technology towards being secure, interoperable and scalable.

  • The Business and municipalities

We promise to unveil new products and service opportunities as well as deliver quality decisions that promote analytics.

  • System Integrators

HQSoftwarelab – Software company purpose to ensure that a complete IoT ecosystems is implemented as well as needs are tailored to meet the customers’ needs.

  • To develop and provide the market with new IoT applications for sustained value for enterprise adopters in all industries.The IoT solution providers and software vendors

All our Internet of things programming applications can be used in smart homes, intelligent street, hotel rooms, test cars and industrial lighting.

The following are our IoT application development services

  • Software for gateways
  • We offer web and mobile end-user apps
  • Storage of data and processing of analytics in the cloud
  • We offer high level programming for devices and sensors.

We have further partnered with some of the device producers found in the business having an all-round IoT solution. Thus, if you have a company that is looking to gain from connected devices. You can call us.

The Approach to End –user IoT Applications

Control connected products and data on all screens and devices

We offer intuitive and visualized mobile and web application for both non-tech users to be able to manage devices and data easily just like they can do in any other app.