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Internet of things programming


The HQSoftwarelab is one of the International software development companies in existence with a significant years’ experience in the custom software development. The company seeks to provide Internet of things programming solutions to both individuals and business partners.

The IOT SOLUTIONS by HQSoftwarelab – Web Company

The Off-the Shelf IoT platform providersHaving a clear understanding of the way users and things can work together to deliver a quality outcome is essential. This is what forms part of the IoT. We therefore assist to power both enterprises adopters to streamline their paths in unlocking the business value provided by connected devices. We specifically aim to help:

Thus we increase the functional ability and polish their technology towards being secure, interoperable and scalable.

  • The Business and municipalities

We promise to unveil new products and service opportunities as well as deliver quality decisions that promote analytics.

  • System Integrators

HQSoftwarelab – Software company purpose to ensure that a complete IoT ecosystems is implemented as well as needs are tailored to meet the customers’ needs.

  • To develop and provide the market with new IoT applications for sustained value for enterprise adopters in all industries.The IoT solution providers and software vendors

All our Internet of things programming applications can be used in smart homes, intelligent street, hotel rooms, test cars and industrial lighting.

The following are our IoT application development services

  • Software for gateways
  • We offer web and mobile end-user apps
  • Storage of data and processing of analytics in the cloud
  • We offer high level programming for devices and sensors.

We have further partnered with some of the device producers found in the business having an all-round IoT solution. Thus, if you have a company that is looking to gain from connected devices. You can call us.

The Approach to End –user IoT Applications

Control connected products and data on all screens and devices

We offer intuitive and visualized mobile and web application for both non-tech users to be able to manage devices and data easily just like they can do in any other app.